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We understand that sending your child somewhere else to study is a stressful and difficult change.

Don’t worry, Brainy Smarts is here not only to make things as easy and smooth as possible, but also to provide a friendly face to help with the process and the transition, as well as to foster a relationship with your child so they will not feel alone when they come over.

With regular updates for parents back home, guardianship and pastoral guidance, as well as exceptional academic support, you can rest assured that your child is in the best hands possible!

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Academic Tutoring

We specialise in online tutoring for students based in Indonesia, aiming for foreign universities, as well as face-to-face classes for students based in Singapore.



Cambridge checkpoint
SG Sec 1-2


SG GCE O levels


GCSE A levels
SG GCE A levels

Standardised Test

English: SAT / TOEFL / IELTS / ACT
Subject specific: SAT subject tests
Grade-specific tests: School Admission tests for specific grades
Course specific: UCAT?? / PAT / ?? / Singapore UEE

University Selection

Let the team of experienced consultants listen, understand and learn to help you figure out the best school for your child.

Student Profile Discovery
Consultations with students to discover interests, passions, strengths and weaknesses (possible MBTI profiling).
Parent Sharing
Find out parental expectations and preference.
University Shortlist
Identify plausible options and do SWOT analysis to finetune list.
Portfolio Building
Chart plan for creation of holistic application development with timeline, deliverables and key milestones (advice on leadership planning, extra curricular activities, community service, internships).
Review and Revise
Ongoing tracking of student’s progress in completing milestone towards application goals; quarterly report to parents.
Personal Essay
Guidance in concept listing, planning and executing a balanced, well-thought through and compelling personal essay.
Application. Visas
Handling of all university application procedures and necessary visa approvals.

Academic Consulting

We provide guidance on the different curriculum options available, help you to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each one and guide students into making an informed choice based on their strengths and passions. Application processes for each school will be explained.

Curriculum Comparison
Side by side comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of each curriculum pathway.
Matching Process
Based on student’s and parents’ inputs and preferences, a shortlist of schools with the best-fit curriculum is proposed.
School Selection
We know how important choosing the right school is for your child. At Brainy Smarts, our team will guide you through every step of the way in making informed decisions on your child’s future educational institutions.
Our team is also qualified to provide additional assistance with applying to the desired schools. From application procedures, getting the necessary documentation required, applying for the required permits and VISAs – leave it in our good hands.

Education Beyond Indonesia

Worried your child is too young to go abroad for studies, but want to still prepare them to eventually enter a foreign university? Brainy Smarts is uniquely positioned to help you achieve this long term goal with achievable short term steps.

All our Indonesian classes are conducted online or in person* by local experienced Singaporean teachers or experienced Ivy-League tutors online via Zoom. Our classes cater to students from Grade 7 up to Grade 12 and cover Math, Sciences (Physics, Biology, Chemistry), as well as HL Economics and Business Management.

*pending COVID-travel restrictions.

Remote Distance Learning
Want your child to remain in Indonesia with you but still want them to get a better quality education? One that enables them to be internationally competitive, sought-after and with a set of skills that help them easily adapt to transiting to another country for work or studies? Brainy Smarts has the program for you! All our programs are based off the rigorous and highly acclaimed Singapore Education standards, yet specifically tailored for the local Indonesian market, both in pace and depth. Your child will be exposed to what it means to learn like a Singaporean and level up at their own individual pace.
Entrance Test Preparation
We also have experience preparing students for various school entrance tests. Contact us for more details.

Standardised Uni Test Preparation

Planning on applying into US universities and need help preparing for SATs, TOEFL, IELTS?

Not sure if you can score well on the academic entrance tests for the new school?

At Brainy Smarts, with our core focus is on academic tutoring, we are best-positioned to help you prepare for the various academic requirements needed for your school applications.

Pre-University Test Preparation
Our expertise covers standardised pre-university application testing such as SAT I and II, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

Academic Guardianship

For students coming to Singapore without their parents, a trusted guardian that they can go to for any assistance here is a must. Our team of dedicated and experienced guardians and mentors take it upon themselves to ensure that each and every child under their charge is looked after like their own children. Besides this, our stringent selection of guardians are all individuals who can make the parents feel comfortable while keeping an eye out for the best interest for their child when they cannot be physically here.

As parents ourselves, we know that being away from your child is challenging. That’s why our guardianship packages don’t just stop with getting them a roof over their heads and three meals. Our comprehensive guardianship packages also come complete with academic guardianship – where we keep track of their academic progress, suggest enrichment classes or supplementary tuition and work closely with them and their schools to ensure they meet their educational goals.

Academic Guardianship
The whole purpose of children coming is to provide them with better educational opportunities. As such, it’s only natural that they need to stay abreast of their studies and assignments. We stay on top of their academic progress and ensure they get any outside-of-class support necessary should they need that extra little push!


Where should you send your child to stay while completing their education in Singapore?

We can take care of all your child’s housing matters – from sourcing for a location, helping them settle in, following up on the monthly payments, to resolving issues within the homestay.
Day-to-day Issues
Besides the big things, we will also ensure your child is well taken care of, from topping up their prepaid cards to sending in their laptops for repair. We’ve got the A to Zs covered!
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