About us

Our main goal – education equity

Our Vision

Bring about Education Equity to all children.

We hope to be able to offer a higher level of education to any child who is willing and able to learn, to offer equal opportunities to children and to help them achieve that first leg up towards success.

Singapore is very fortunate to have leaders who have long since believed and committed to building and developing a solid foundation for our academic pathways.

Our compulsory primary to secondary education, a rigorous educational foundation and a world-renowned national curriculum have paved the way for many of the success stories we see today in society. It has successfully equipped Singaporeans with the necessary skill sets, mindsets, and EQ skills to help us survive and succeed in any place on earth that we are placed in.

We believe that education is the singular most important difference that helps a society grow into a more advanced and cultured one, ready for any challenges.

That said, we are also keenly aware that many of our SEA neighbours may not have the same privileges as us, with issues like political instability, poverty and gender inequality marring many of the educational initiatives and improvements that they may wish to make. As such, many of our neighbouring countries are still struggling with developing a solid educational foundation for their country’s young. We hope to be able to help change that.

Who We Are

Experienced in Teaching
Well versed in academic pathway planning
Experienced in helping kids transition from Indonesia to Singapore
Why work with us?

We have a dedicated team of consultants on standby to help chart out your child’s future education pathway and career options.

We recognize that every child that comes through our doors is special and unique, and needs dedicated attention and guidance to help them uncover their dreams and lead them towards the right path.


Years of teaching experience


Teaching hours

Our Mission

Brainy Smarts has a 2-pronged focus – our responsibility to the children, as well as to the parents.
For children
Finding pathway

Towards each child that comes into our care, we want to help them develop their passions and discover their best-fit educational pathway.

Selection process

We aim to guide them through the selection process, exploring their options and charting their course for the future by mapping out the steps they can expect to encounter.

Soft skills

We motivate and equip each child with the educational knowledge, soft life skills required to chase their dreams and develop them holistically into human beings with compassion, integrity and wit.


We hope that in doing so, we are able to position them for success, in the best possible way for their future endeavours.

For parents

We have a trusted advisor to consult on education matters.


We consult and mediate between parents and children on Academic matters.


We serve as a comfort safety net for parents navigating tricky foreign applications and legislative systems.

Colleges and Universities We Work With

The best educational branches for admissions that Singapore offers to international students.
Singapore Management University
 Singapore University of Technology and Design
National University of Singapore